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Exclusive distributor of Cochlear Co for Argentina. Cochlear is the world leader in advanced hearing solutions, including cochlear implants and bone conduction systems.

"Our CRM system for the care and monitoring of the implanted patient automates the entire clinical, technical and administrative process, providing agility without losing detail of a complex process: from the evaluation of the candidate, implant selection, surgery and all subsequent stages where health professionals accompany the evolution of the patient."

Javier A. Brizuela,

Initial challenges

  • The clinical process is too complex to systematize.
  • The follow-up of the technical selection and evolution of a patient requires an artisan method.
  • The business circuit offers an infinite number of variables, so the visibility of detail is a utopia.


  • Integration of all administrative and clinical management in a single consolidated platform.
  • Visibility of the performance of commercial and clinical teams.
  • Ability to report and interoperate with other systems
  • Replacement of spreadsheets and legacy systems

The project developed the core management software for a particular business process with no standard verticals in the market to support it. In short, it is a CRM for Healthcare and Implantology, taking into account the nature of the administrative and clinical areas that share information but maintain their specialization.

This software has definitively replaced the use of spreadsheets to manage information in a computerized but handmade way, promoting an improvement in the standardization of processes and the management of the relationship with patients, health professionals and corporate clients.

The process, step by step


2012/ 2013

Analysis and survey of the processes and systems for the development and implementation of the new CRM system for the care and monitoring of the patient implemented by automating the entire clinical, technical, administrative and commercial process.


2014/ 2015

UI/UX redesign (interfaces and user experience) based on usage monitoring and user feedback



Development and implementation of the control panel and indicator system for the commercial management.



Development of full responsive system entirely designed to be used in tablets to manage doctors' files and visits to professionals and social works.

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